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CATMA - Campus Area Transportation Management Association

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CATMA Membership

Thank you for your interest in CATMA (Campus Area Transportation Management Association).

CATMA is a non-profit membership based organization founded in 1992 through the cooperation of its three founding employers - Champlain College, Fletcher Allen and the University of Vermont, which are all located within a one square mile radius in Burlington, Vermont (aka "The Hill Institutions"). CATMA offers its dues paying member employers a comprehensive managed employee commute program, including incentives, commuter programs, services, educational events and outreach, surveys, monthly drawings and more. CATMA's centralized commute program with a local focus makes it easy for empoyees to access, use and try an alternative mode.  Collectively, these sustainable strategies reduce the number of people who drive alone in/around the area, providing an opportunity for employer growth and development and healthier, more productive employees.

CATMA members represent an active business leadership committed to improving our transportation and parking system in the greater Burlington area and Chittenden County that is efficient, safe, reliable and cost-effective.  Currently, we serve more than 10,000 employees and almost 15,000 students.

As area employers, residents and land owners seek solutions to reducing traffic congestion and promoting the many transportation services, membership in CATMA is beginning to grow.


We encourage any and all steps taken by you and other employers to implement a set of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategies to reduce traffic congestion and parking issues.  Doing so on your own, however, can be time consuming and overwhelming, and joining CATMA may be a more efficient, sustainable, cost-effective strategy. Through membership, CATMA can help the region focus on mobility management that is more balanced and sustainable over the long-term, including intermodal connectivity to enhance the integration and connectivity of our transportation system for all modes.

We provide a full-service managed commuter program (one stop shop) for businesses and their employees to connect employees with attractive travel choices. With over 20 years of success, along with ten years of employee and student transportation data analyses experience, positive mode trends, a professional well-trained staff -- we offer a turnkey program that can easily be tailored to your work site. The program will encourage your employees to choose travel that saves them money, is healthy, engages them with the community, and enhances their productivity at work.

A very important element of CATMA's success is the continuous outreach, educational, and awareness events and communications we expose to employees and students at our member employers.  CATMA's commuter programs receive regular visibility at our membership, which is important as employees' commutes change during the course of their employment.

Employers who offer commuter incentives, programs and services reap many benefits, including an employee recruitment and retention, reduced need for parking spaces, less congestion on site, as well as an enhanced quality of life and improved health for employees.

Commuter Solutions: Business

Commuter Solutions: Resdience

To learn more about our fee structure and how CATMA membership can benefit your business, and to become part of the effort that is improving travel and parking in the region, call Sandy Thibault at 656-7433 ext 3 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Employers who have an employee at the worksite who is responsible for coordinating and promoting commuter options and programs are eligible to participate in CATMA's FREE Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) network. This network will provide your staff person with an opportunity to network and share commuter ideas with other like-minded employers.  Click here for more info. and to view the current ETC Directory.

Additional Benefits for Employers Who Join CATMA

Employers joining CATMA as dues paying associate members will receive additional benefits beyond those who join the ETC Network including:

  • Collaboration with employer members (opportunity to share resources)
  • A customized comprehensive MANAGED commuter program
  • Bike-Walk Incentive Program
  • Customized marketing/ promotional materials
  • Raffles and Contests
  • Participation in Employee Transportation Surveys with data analyses/reports
  • Commuter Program and Data reports on participation
  • Quarterly E-News
  • Support with sustainable missions, climate action plans, LEED certification
  • Support with land-use and permit process
  • Assistance with qualifying for national Best Workplace for Commuters designation