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CATMA - Campus Area Transportation Management Association

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CATMA Members...

I'm entering my 6th Winter of Bike riding here at UVM. CATMA was instrumental in getting me started. I get all my equipment -including Studded Tires- from the Old Spokes Home. In fact, they introduced me to Winter riding via the use of proper equipment and regular (and meticulous) maintenance. Please tell Glenn "JP says hello!!". Due to the daily busyness of the Davis Center I will not be able to attend this fabulous sounding get-together.

Thank you for your thoughtful and informative newsletters and related e-mails. I've neglected filling-out my Bike Rewards Cards simply out of pure laziness. Year-round biking has become second nature to me; it's like the rewards from eating well and sleeping well, the same motivation applies to getting on my bike everyday, it has become pure pleasure, with something new to focus on each new day. I love it. And it's a great feeling to be a part of the CATMA/UVM environmentally aware community.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!

Take care,


     On the Emergency Ride Home Program...

"Thanks. Yes it was smooth and very appreciated. I usually use the Emergency Ride Home once a year but it is a vital backup when I miss the bus from being stranded now that I live 30 minutes from campus."    - John

"Hi Katie, it was very smooth, thank you for asking. All is well, I appreciate this program!" - Paula

     On the Bike/Walk Reward Program...

"I have lost 45lbs since walking to work using the B/W cards..." - Sue Obrien, Fletcher Allen

"Thanks for the Bike/Walk Reward program!  I value a heart-healthy and green lifestyle, and this program does a great job encouraging that!" - Karen

"My Pearl of a Commute" CATMA Commuter Video - Sarah

"Thank you for CATMA'S continued support" - J.P.

      On Monthly Commuter Raffles...

"OH MY GOD!!! It’s been years!!!!!!!!!! Wahooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! thank you! thank you! This made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Meghan

"Thanks so much!! I have never won a thing in my life. I ride the bus 5 days a week to and from work from Vergennes to Fletcher Allen." - Lesia

"Wow – that is wonderful news; thanks!  I do commute via bus 2-3 times/week." - Kerstin

    On Riding the bus...

"I have been taking the bus about 3 years now. I have taken the St. Albans link and also the Milton Commuter bus. I have met so many interesting people and enjoy this aspect of commuting. You find that we are all in the same boat, trying to work, attend to our families, and facing all the other things life challenges us with." - Pam

     On CarShare Vermont...

"I joined the CarShare Vermont program, which makes it super convenient to access a car if I have an offsite meeting or appointment that requires a car." - Hollie


Comments from CATMA's 2009 annual Employee Transportation Survey ...

I love being able to walk to work everyday. Great way to start the day! And thank you soooo much for this great program...I really appreciate it!

I love the CATMA program, its so nice to be rewarded for making a responsible decision!

I love the LINK bus and the easy access to discount tickets for sale here at FAHC. The drivers are awesome and always right on time. Thanks for this great service.

Thank you for the bike/walk gift certificates! Theyre great!

I find commuting on the bus great, I had to change my work schedule to meet the bus, but it works out fine, as the bus picks me up right out side the door,and the park an ride where I catch the bus in the AM is not far from my residence, I plan on increasing the days I take the bus this winter. Thanks for the service. The drivers are all great and helpful.

Free bus and LINK are essential for my students and the academic work and field experiences they do

My family purchased our current residence for the express purpose of minimizing commute time and car usage.

I love the bike-walk reward program. It is a great incentive to walk to work in all seasons. I also use the college street shuttle a lot and would love later hours. Also, my faculty card at UVM gives me free bus rides on any bus. Because of that I always take the bus to and from the airport when I can. CATMA and CCTA are really wonderful for Burlington!

Thank you for adding more LINK Express buses on the Montpelier Route. It is nice not to have to stand. Its also great that UVM lets you ride for free. Its a huge benefit and I count it as part of my net salary

My "typical" commute during the week is 1-3 days carpooling with my wife (a FAHC emp working 3-days/wk), 1-2 days riding the Montpelier LINK, and 1-2 days driving alone. In any given week I can have 1-2 evening meetings that force be to drive alone. During the summer I also try to ride my bike some days but this is pretty infrequent.

Great to know CATMA provides services and programs. I will keep in mind your services if I move depending on where I move. Nice to have these options available.

I think this public tranporation program is FANTASTIC!

The CATMA Program is excellent. The bus benefit is a "win-win-win" considering saving the environment, lengthening the life of ones car, the cost savings, etc. The CCTA bus drivers are incredibly conscientious, courteous, and helpful. Thank you to CCTA and CATMA for the transportation you provide.