Bus & Shuttle During COVID-19

Tips for Employees/Commuters

Bus Tips for Commuters

  • Familiarize Yourself With the Schedule: GMT Bus Schedule
  • Follow Signs and Regulations: Buses may have restricted seating to ensure physical distancing.
  • Be Flexible and Patient: Because of the requirements for social distancing, you may not be able to ride or board a bus. Be mindful of that when making your commute.

Green Mountain Transit response to Coronavirus COVID-19: GMT continues to operate bus service fare free with some reduced service. You can read the entirety of their latest update here. GMT would like to remind passengers to stay home if possible to allow essential travel for passengers who need it. If you are continuing to use transit, we encourage you to sign up for service alters directly with GMT and follow GMTs recommended protocol for entering and existing the bus. 

Shuttles Tips for Commuters

  • Protect Yourself and Others: Wear protective equipment and maintain social distancing while waiting for and riding in the vehicle.
  • Pay Attention: If something doesn’t look clean or right, ask your driver and bring it to the attention of your supervisor or appropriate employer contact.
  • Plan for Delays: Leave additional time in your commute; unexpected delays are possible during such uncertainty.

Tips for Employers

Bus/Transit Tips for Employers

  • Tips for Employers Communicate: Make sure your transit agency and your commuter assistance program are aware of your reopening timelines and how many employees will be coming back to the workplace.  This can help create transit plans to better serve your worksite as service is brought back to the community.
  • Share Informational Materials: Put up the flyers with where to find updated schedules and standards to help your employees find the information they need.
  • Provide Feedback: If your business is hearing about issues with getting to your worksite, let your transit agency know.  Real-time feedback on how new schedules, routes, and traffic patterns are working will help ensure your employees a smooth commute.
  • Be Flexible and Understanding: With reduced schedules and limited vehicle capacities, employees using public transit may need additional time to get to work.