CATMA Impact

Transportation Demand Management impacts communities nationwide. By making more sustainable commute choices, CATMA members are helping the planet and saving money! At any given time, CATMA has around 2,000 members in our database logging their commutes so we can show what a difference they are making. 

Commute Impact 

*Numbers are taken from CATMA’s Commute Impact Measurement Tool.
The average Vermonter emits about 9 tons of CO2 each year, mostly through transportation. For these calculations, we use the average price of fuel in the Burlington area, 50 weeks of commuting in a year, and the assumed fuel economy of 26.3 miles per gallon. Of course, if you are biking or walking, you may be avoiding more emissions than carpooling. To keep it simple here, we assume that any alternative commute is taking another car off the road. 



Environmental Impact 

Since 1992, CATMA has been working with our members to plan, manage, and reduce transportation demand. Over the years, as concern for our climate crisis has grown, so has CATMA’s commitment to use TDM to reduce negative environmental impacts. By getting our members out of their single-occupant vehicles and using other, more sustainable, transportation modes, CATMA has helped our member organizations reduce their climate impact.  

*This data is taken from CATMA’s biennial Employer Transportation Survey.  




Community Impact 

Beyond just changing our members’ commuting patterns, CATMA is committed to playing an active role in making our community more sustainable for all. We stay up to date with the legislative and policy agendas around Chittenden County and the state.  

Recently, CATMA has advocated for the following policy/legislative efforts:  

CATMA Member Year In Review 2020

In this unprecedented time, we all continue to navigate and adapt to the changing workplace, environment and world. We appreciate our membership, partnership and loyalty with CATMA. Enjoy this brief report of CATMAs 2020 transportation highlights. Together, we will endure!


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