Commuting During COVID

Are you heading back to the office or continuing to telework? We’ve collected some tips and resources for commuters and employers for staying safe and healthy as they return to the workplace. 

This guidance is compiled from resources developed by The Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) and CDC to inform employers, commuters, and communities on how we can all get back to the workplace safely and efficiently. 

TIPS & RESOURCES for safely commuting during COVID-19

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What you should know about using local transportation systems

CarShare Vermont — WHAT MEMBERS SHOULD KNOW Carshare Vermont Logo

For those in our area using CarShare Vermont please visit their website.

  • Carshare service is still available 24/7
  • Beginning July 3, every CarShare Vermont vehicle will be equipped with a compact, battery operated ozone generator that will be used to disinfect the vehicle between reservations. 
  • Members will be asked to simply activate the generator at the end of your trip; it will then run its cycle for 90 minutes, including time to dissipate. Detailed instructions will be provided in the vehicles.
  • We also ask that members (and your passengers) continue to practice good personal hygiene and wear a mask if you’re able while carsharing.


Greenride Bikeshare — WHAT RIDERS SHOULD KNOW Greenride bikeshare logo

For those in our area using Greenride Bikeshare please visit their website.

  • Wash/sanitize your hands before AND after rides
  • Wear a face covering
  • Practice social distancing on rides


Green Mountain Transit — WHAT RIDERS SHOULD KNOW 

For those in our area using GMT please visit their website. Green Mountain Transit Logo

  • All passengers riding on GMT vehicles are required to wear a cloth face covering (including children 2 and older)
  • Limited number of passengers allowed on board at one time by bus size to allow for social distancing:
    • 30’:  12 passengers
    • 35’:  14 passengers
    • 40’ (including 920’s):  18 passengers
    • Central Vermont cutaway vehicles: 8 passengers
  • For Everyone’s Safety DO NOT BOARD THE BUS if:
    • You have any symptoms of COVID-19; cough, fever, difficulty breathing.
    • You have traveled outside of the State of Vermont since 3/30 and have not self quarantined for at least 14 days.
    • You have been in contact with any person who is infected with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
  • Effective until further notice, GMT will operate bus service fare free.
  • The Downtown Transit Center lobby in Burlington and the Montpelier Transit Center will be closed until further notice. Buses will continue to serve the platform.
  • GMT’s main administrative buildings in Burlington, Berlin, and St. Albans are closed until further notice.