Employer Transportation Demand Management Solutions

Employer Transportation Demand Management Solutions

We offer employers in Chittenden County customized, turn-key transportation solutions that are good for your bottom line. Our comprehensive programs can cut costs, reduce parking demand and enhance employee benefits. We also provide assistance to developers and buildings who have Transportation Management Program requirements.

We know working together will achieve better transportation outcomes and a vibrant community.

We’ll help you get there…

  • Are you planning a new or expanded development project?
  • Do you want to help your employees be more active and productive?
  • Is your parking supply running low?
  • Do you want to reduce carbon emissions?

We can help you set up an attractive transportation program that will reduce your parking challenges and change the way your people choose to move around. Our approach to a comprehensive TDM program falls into four main categories. See membership services details below.

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Membership Services

Programs & Services

  • Bike/Walk Rewards Program *

    CATMA’s national award winning program rewards commuters for biking and walking to work! Commuters log commutes online to earn $15 gift cards to City Market, Merrill’s Roxy Cinema, or Skirack every two months! And every commute logged is one more chance to win quarterly prize drawings.

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  • Bikeshare Discount

    CATMA is excited to offer members a 20% discount on annual membership plans for greenride bikeshare! With over 80 7-speed bikes at 17 hub locations (with electric-assist bikes comin soon!), bikeshare is a perfect commute option for quick trips.

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  • Carpool & Vanpool Support

    Let CATMA help you create and manage a carpool or vanpool program.  Learn about resources and subsidies to make car and vanpools an easy, affordable commute option.

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  • Commuter Informational Resources

    CATMA provides transportation resources to encourage & support your employees’ sustainable transportation choices. These include bus map and guides, safe walking and biking guides, carshare options and more.

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  • Direct Commuter Assistance

    CATMA is pleased to offer personalized assistance to help with individuals’ specific commutes. Commuters can simply call or email with questions and our team will provide one-on-one assistance. We also provide quarterly newsletters, information and events to keep commuters informed and to support their commutes! CATMA is always just a call or click away!

  • Guaranteed Ride Home Program

    This convenient program gives commuters a FREE ride home in case of an emergency.  CATMA commuter members who use a sustainable mode of transportation to get to work can call our program partner taxi company to get a free ride home. Take the “What If” out of commuting and don’t ever be stuck!

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  • Prize Drawings

    Employees who enroll with CATMA have a chance to win gift cards to Penny Cluse Cafe, Vermont Pub and Brewery & American Flatbread, SkiRack, Outdoor Gear Exchange, and more!  Each quarter, winners are chosen in our Commuter Champion drawing. 

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  • Transit Discount Program *

    CATMA Members are eligible for an exclusive transit discount: up to 28% off regular Green Mountain Transit fare on Local, Commuter and LINK routes. Pay Per Ride and Bulk Transit Pass discounts available. 

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Data Collection & Analysis

  • Commuter Impact Measurement Tool

    Individual Commute Impacts are calculated on the CATMA website based on the information included in each member’s online profile. Commuters are shown how many dollars, pounds of carbon and vehicle miles traveled that they will save each year by utilizing sustainable commute modes! A leader board shows how commuters rank versus other CATMA members.

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  • Commuter Insight Survey

    CATMA’s customized commuter survey establishes organizational baseline data, reveals barriers to more sustainable commutes, and offers insight your organization’s parking and transportation challenges and impacts. Follow-up surveys are utilized to track progress towards commute goals, and to identify changes in employees’ commute preferences and barriers.

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  • Commuter Program Report

    CATMA can provide an annual Commuter Program Report. We collect a broad range of qualitative and quantitative data, including program participation information, survey response data, member feedback and more to better understand commuting habits, preferences, barriers and impacts. Using this data and analysis, CATMA can provide specific recommendations for enhancing the role and value of commute strategies at your workplace.

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  • Worksite Assessment

    CATMA administers a web-based survey designed to assess your site’s existing infrastructure, programs and policies, and to help determine which commuter strategies should be prioritized  for maximum impact.

Marketing, Outreach & Education

  • Business Visibility

    Your business will join a network of professional partners who are dedicated to improving our environment and community! CATMA promotes the commendable work of our members through participation in local and regional events and committees, as well as on our website and marketing materials. Your organization’s logo and brand will be featured prominently on CATMA promotional pieces, and opportunities for cross-promotion are available.

  • Commuter Information Displays

    Bring commuter resources directly to your employees! CATMA will provide members with the transportation resources they need in order to access and improve their commutes! Maps, schedules and a variety of sustainable transportation informational resources can be delivered to your worksite. CATMA’s stand-up or wall-mounted kiosk displays make accessing these resources convenient and easy, and can be set up in minutes!

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  • Customized Promotional Materials

    CATMA can create and publish customized marketing materials to promote commute programs at your workplace and enhance participation in sustainable commuting! We issue quarterly E-newsletters filled with transportation information, bus service updates, commuter champion highlights, local and state commuter related events, activities, workshops and much more.

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  • Events On-Site

    CATMA can coordinate a variety of events at your workplace designed to connect your employees with transportation resources and benefits, including bicycle workshops, CATMA program enrollment and much more.  CATMA can also facilitate participation in regional and national events, like National Bike Month, the Vermont Bike Challenge and Vermontivate.

  • Program Marketing & Outreach

    CATMA will develop a marketing and outreach plan that educates commuters about transportation options and opportunities available for sustainable travel. This plan can include print and digital materials, commuter campaigns, and events that engage commuters and offer accessible commuter planning assistance and education. 

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  • TDM Workshops & Focus Groups

    CATMA can coordinate a variety of workshops specifically tailored to your employees’ interests or needs, including “Practical Bike Commuting”, “How Do I Ride the Bus with My Bike” or “Carpool Matchup”. Focus groups can be coordinated and led by CATMA to assist with behavior change, program development and to connect your employees with transportation resources and benefits.

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  • Workplace Awards & Designations

    Your business deserves recognition for your sustainable commuting efforts! CATMA can help your organization receive national official designations as a Best Workplace for Commuters, a Bicycle Friendly Business, a Way To Go! Challenge participant, and more. CATMA can manage the process, from application preparation to award designation, and help your businesses attract new employees and clients.

Strategy, Planning & Support

  • Advisory Committee Appointment

    CATMA Members have the opportunity to participate in CATMA’s Advisory Committee, which is comprised of representatives from Associate members. Meeting several times annually, the Advisory Committee works on community-level initiatives to promote sustainable commuting, and enhance partner collaboration on transportation opportunities.

  • Commuter Program Strategic Work Plan

    CATMA will work with you to determine your transportation and parking needs, outline effective commuter program, and create a timeline for strategy implementation. The customized TDM Work Plan functions as a road map and will guide your organization towards successful attainment of your transportation and parking goals. 

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  • ETC Network

    The Employee Transportation Coordinator network is a free forum for Chittenden County businesses, municipalities and institutions to collaboratively improve parking and transportation management at the workplace and in the community. ETC’s meet twice annually to enhance the value and understanding of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategies and strengthen the coordination among local leaders.

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  • TDM Advocacy

    CATMA is invested in promoting accessible and sustainable transportation options throughout Chittenden County, and works with a broad network of partners to advance Transportation Demand Management strategies and impacts.

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  • Transportation & Parking Facilitation

    We can help provide solutions that address your parking deficiencies and expenses, better coordinate land use, and lessen environmental impacts.

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Membership Costs

Annual membership fees are assessed by number of employees at your organization:

  • 1-50 employees: $1,000/year
  • 51-150 employees: $2,500/year
  • 150-300 employees: $4,000/year
  • 301-500 employees: $5,500/year
  • Over 500 employees: Contact us for a custom designed solution.

Developers/Residential Sites/Municipalities: we work with you also, contact us.