Member Testimonials

What our members say

 “We value our membership with CATMA as it enables us to collectively address transportation and parking challenges, opportunities and practices with institutions and like-minded employers.  The ability to access our various campus locations is critical to our employees, our patients and the community. Our investment in CATMA and their credible services, robust outreach and commitment is essential in motivating our employees to use an alternate commute mode, which in turn reduces traffic and parking congestion, protects our roadways and supports our responsibility to the environment.”

Dawn LeBaron

Vice President, Hospital Services

University of Vermont

As our student population grows and land has become more valuable, CATMA has made a significant difference in our capacity to expand.  Their expertise in implementing unique and relevant commuter services, their accountability, and strong transportation partnerships at UVM and in the region, has positively influenced better land use on “The Hill”. CATMA’s survey data indicates our faculty/staff are driving alone less and walking, taking the bus, biking and carpooling more, plus the data shows less students are bringing cars to Burlington.  Our membership in CATMA is a critical component of our sustainable development, growth and environmental responsibility.

Joe Speidel

Director of Local Government and Community Relations

 “The need to efficiently move faculty, staff, students and visitors around our campus’ and in central Burlington is essential to our operations.  CATMA’s professional staff has been instrumental in linking the College and our constituents with transportation and parking solutions and options. In our master plan process, CATMA has been actively involved and committed to reinforcing our transition to a “car free campus”.  Their management and administration of comprehensive, innovative and cost-effective mobility options is extremely valuable.  Our membership in CATMA infuses our commitment to sustainability, one of Champlain College’s core values.”

Shelley Navari

Vice President of Finance and Treasurer