Burlington-Bound Commuters Prefer the Bus

The Burlington Free Press article of Jan 7, 2019 reports on Why Vermonters Take the Bus

Buses move Chittenden County residents in ways that the most modern of cars can’t touch, riders say.

Why Vermonters take the bus

For some folks, it’s because buses can be much cheaper than a car commute. Other people chose the bus to forgo the stress of driving on congested roads — and enjoy the down-time relief they feel when someone else is at the wheel.

“I enjoy not fighting the traffic. I arrive at work in a better frame of mind,” said Havaleh Gagne on a recent evening commute from University of Vermont Medical Center to her home in South Burlington.

Gagne, a physician, began bicycling to work this summer. She switched to the bus when the weather cooled.

Both choices were inspired partly by her concerns over rapid global climate change — a trend tied to burning fossil fuels. In Vermont, inefficient, single-car commutes contribute the lion’s share.

“I decided to do something personally,” Gagne said.

An unexpected benefit: “It’s a friendly crew in here,” she noted.

Lifestyle: easy riders to Hinesburg

The Hinesburg Road “116 Commuter” bus is pint-sized compared to the large LINK Express rigs on Green Mountain Transit’s routes to Montpelier, St. Albans and Middleboro.

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