CATMA Executive Director featured in ACT Patriot Chapter E-News

The ACT organization is a community of professionals that are working to advance transportation options to improve the lives of commuters and the economic competitivesness of the cities, regions and businesses they represent.  CATMA has been a member of ACT for over 15 years, and is actively involved at ACT’s national level and in the regional Patriot Chapter

Read more about ACT and the Patriot Chapter in the March E-news, which features a piece by Sandy Thibault, CATMA’s Executive Director, about the expansion of CATMA’s service area in Chittenden County and more.

Interested in any of the ACT events below, feel free to contact Sandy Thibault at [email protected].

ACT Public Policy Summit, Washington DC, April 12-14, 2016
ACT International Annual Conference, Portland OR, July 31-August 31, 2016
ACT TDM Forum, Boston MA, October 11-12, 2016