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Current Status: A ground breaking ceremony was held on Monday, May 18th and construction activity began on June 8, 2015. Project completion is scheduled for the summer of 2016. The project design team includes Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (VHB) providing engineering services and Truex Cullins serving as the lead architectural design consultant.

Background: The new Downtown Transit Center is intended to replace the inadequate Cherry Street terminal with a modern passenger facility. The need for the new facility is driven by the current site’s inability to: support existing ridership and service levels; provide a reasonable level of customer amenities (e.g., protection from weather, restrooms, heated/air conditioned waiting area, etc.); and, limit the number of buses crossing the Church Street Marketplace. The goals of the project are to: support improved transit operations; support increased ridership and enhanced service; and, promote economic development. In total, 37 sites were examined during the two-stage site selection process. The eleven-member Downtown Transit Center Advisory Committee unanimously endorsed the selection of the St. Paul Street site and CCTA’s Board of Commissioners officially selected this location at its regular meeting on June 19, 2012. An Invitation for Bids was issued on November 19, 2014 and bids were received on March 6, 2015 from four general contractors. On April 28, 2015, an Award Letter was issued to PC Construction, the low bidder.

Upcoming Activities: Some of the specific activities scheduled for the next several weeks include:

  • Installation of concrete shelter pads for two passenger shelters adjacent to the Federal Building on Pearl Street;
  • Construction of a new concrete shelter pad for one passenger shelter and the installation of new sidewalk segments on the north side of Cherry street adjacent to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception;
  • Relocation of the curb and installation of new sidewalk segments on the south side of Pearl Street adjacent to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception;
  • Relocation of the three Aluminum and Glass passenger shelters currently on St. Paul Street to the new concrete pads installed on north side of Cherry Street and the north side of Pearl Street; LINK buses will operate from these shelters on Pearl Street during construction;
  • Preservation work at the grove of Honey Locust trees surrounding the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception;
  • Installation of new utilities in St. Paul, Cherry, and Pearl Streets; removal and relocation of existing utilities within the project area.

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