Multi-Modal Transportation Hubs in Winooski and Burlington

Go! Chittenden County is a collaboration of the region’s best transportation service providers, organizations and advocates including Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC), Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans), Chittenden County Transportation Authority
(CCTA), Local Motion, Chittenden Area TMA, and Carshare Vermont.


Multi-modal transportation hubs bring together transit, carsharing, and secure bike parking
within close geographic proximity, located within walkable communities making it easy for
people to choose alternatives to driving alone. For everyday needs, from getting to work, to
taking the kids to school, and meeting friends to socialize, multi-modal transportation hubs
give local residents more options for how to get around.

For example, a commuter might bike to the transportation hub, leave their bike in the
secure bike lockers for the day and take the bus to work. A family might take the bus from
their home to Curtis Lumber in Burlington, and have the option to check-out a CarShare
Vermont pick-up truck to haul construction materials home. Or a shopper may choose to
park their bike securely in the bike locker and go eat at one of the many food vendors
located in close proximity to both the Winooski and Burlington hubs.

The Winooski multi-modal transportation hub is located downtown along Winooski Falls
Way. There is a CCTA transit stop and waiting area in the Spinner Place building, a Carshare
Vermont pod at the north end of Winooski Falls Way and a secure bike locker in the plaza in
front of the Champlain Mill.
The Burlington multi-modal transportation hub is situated near Cherry Street, where there
are several CCTA bus stops, secure bike lockers located in front of the Burlington Town
Center parking garage, and Carshare Vermont pods located nearby at the top of Pearl St
and adjacent to City Hall park.
The latest addition to the hubs is the installation of Bike Link ™ secure bike lockers, the first
installation of its kind in New England. People for Bikes, a national advocacy group,
recently published the US Bicycling Participation Benchmarking Report which showed a high
degree of satisfaction with transit-bike connections in the western US where these systems
are common.

Emily Boedecker, Local Motion’s Executive Director said, “With the installation of secure
bike lockers, travelers in Chittenden County can now enjoy a wider range of transportation
options at these conveniently located transportation hubs. The new electronic access bike
lockers not only bring a vital transit-bike link to Vermont, they also increase the capacity of
traditional bike lockers. We are proud to be a partner of Go! Chittenden County and to
support investments in facilities that make walking and biking a viable choice for
Each of the multi-modal transportation hubs has four separate Bike Link secure bike
lockers. People who bike can sign up for a card can acces s the lockers on demand. Bikes can
be left in the secure facility for an hour at a time or for the whole day, for just $0.05 per
hour. Traditional bike lockers with key access require a subscription to that particular
locker, and can sit vacant for months because they can only be used by one person at a
time. Usage data indicates BikeLink serves 5-7 times as many cyclists in a year compared to
non-shared systems. Bik e Link cards are available at and from Local
Motion. Cards cost $20 and can be refilled at the lockers.