Bike / Walk Rewards Program

Reward your heart, mind and pocket by biking or walking to and from work.  Simply log the days you bike or walk and you’ll receive your choice of a $15 gift card reward to City Market, Merrill’s Roxy Cinema, or Skirack.

Who can participate  

Full-time employees at CATMA’s member employers.

Create an account and log your commute

How Does the Program Work 

Enroll in the program on your user profile and start logging your commutes at Bike or walk to work and log your commute each time. If you bike/walk 24 days within a 60 day period, you get your $15 gift certificate! And every day you log your commute, your name is put in the hat for our quarterly prize drawings. Your chances of winning improve with each commute you log. Read the full terms.

COVID Program Update

As of March 27, we are postponing processing of Bike/Walk rewards due to the Governor’s stay at home directive. Any rewards that are earned during this period will be issued and mailed when CATMA staff return to the office. If you would like an extension on your current commuter cycle (for example; because you are working from home now, only traveling to/from work once a week, etc) please contact us at [email protected].

We encourage you to check out Modes of Travel, WALK and BIKE, for resources and tips.

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