Car Share Vermont Discount

CarShare Vermont Campus Program CarShare Vermont is a nonprofit organization that recognizes car-sharing as a practical, easy, and fun way to reduce car dependence, increase mobility, and improve the health of our community and environment. CarShare Vermont gives you affordable and easy access to a network of vehicles parked around town that you can use whenever you want for as long as you like.

Membership Discounts

Please contact CATMA to find out if your employer offers discounts on CarShare Vermont memberships!

Campus Memberships

Through a partnership between CATMA and CarShare Vermont, full-time students, faculty, and staff at Champlain College and the University of Vermont qualify for discounted memberships! This promotion is supported by UVM and Champlain College. Learn more about the membership plans and discounts available to students, faculty and staff

*To be eligible, you must meet CarShare Vermont’s standard membership requirements as well as campus requirements. Applicants are responsible for: $30 application fee. More details here

GET THIS! Easy Access — CATMA, on behalf of its member institutions, has partnered with CarShare Vermont to provide one pod location on Champlain College’s campus and two at the University of Vermont. Click here to check out their growing fleet and find the right car for the job! 

CarShare Vermont response to COVID-19

Click the link below to learn more about their response to COVID-19 and what you can do to help keep yourselves and others safe and healthy while sharing CarShare Vermont cars.

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