Data Collection & Analysis

CATMA provides comprehensive set of data collection mechanisms and analysis to meet the needs of employers, measure the success of commute programs and identify opportunities to enhance sustainable transportation at work sites. Through comprehensive surveys, we establish baseline and annual commuter data for your worksite, monitor and measure the success of your commute program, and recommend solutions to get you there!

CATMA has been collecting comprehensive commute data for Chittenden County since 2000. Gathering both quantitative and qualitative data allows us to contribute significantly to the enhancement of the county’s multi-modal transportation network and recommend commute solutions for your unique workplace. We use our survey data to provide our members with informative reports depending on their unique needs.  


Worksite Assessment

CATMA administers a web-based survey designed to assess your site’s existing infrastructure, programs and policies, and to help determine which commuter strategies should be prioritized for maximum impact. We will conduct a site-specific worksite assessment of your current and future transportation/parking needs.

Telework Assessemnt

In response to the increase in teleworking, we developed a comprehensive assessment tool that will provide a glance into organization’s current state and future improvements around teleworking, programming and policy. We have also developed a speciifc telework focused Employee Survey which will serve as baseline and evaluation tool.


Commuter Insight Survey

CATMA’s customized commuter survey establishes organizational baseline data, reveals barriers to more sustainable commutes, and offers insight your organization’s parking and transportation challenges and impacts. Follow-up annual surveys are utilized to track progress towards commute goals, and to identify changes in employees’ commute preferences and barriers. 

Ad hoc Surveys

CATMA does our best to stay on top of transportation trends, which means we often promote small surveys to answer pressing questions. Most recently, CATMA partnered with the Association of Commuter Transportation to promote their national survey on COVID-19’s impact on commuting

Analysis & Reporting

Commuter Program Report

CATMA can provide an annual Commuter Program Report. We collect a broad range of qualitative and quantitative data, including program participation information, survey response data, member feedback and more to better understand commuting habits, preferences, barriers and impacts. Using this data and analysis, CATMA can provide specific recommendations for enhancing the role and value of commute strategies at your workplace. 

Commuter Impact Measurement Tool

Individual Commute Impacts are calculated on the CATMA website based on the information included in each member’s online profile. Employers and Commuters are shown how many dollars, pounds of carbon and vehicle miles traveled that they save each year by utilizing sustainable commute modes!

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