Employee Transportation Coordinator Network

Are you in need of support as your employees begin returning to work, or as your employees continue to work from home? Are you interested in receiving up-to-date information for your employees on transportation modes and how to ride them safely?  Interested in expanding employee benefits, increasing retention and improving recruitment? Do you have organizational environmental and social goals? Want to save money on parking and transportation?

Join CATMA’s free Employee Transportation Coordinator Network to learn more about how transportation demand management (TDM) strategies can make your organization more competetive and efficient while helping to improve the sustainability of our community and environment!

Enroll In the FREE Network

Join and participate in the ETC Network for free. For more information, contact Katie Martin at [email protected] or 802-881-0283, ext 1. If you already have some commuter incentives and programs in place, we still encourage you to participate and help us build this new network for Chittenden County.

Join the ETC Network

What’s Happening In the Network Now

Our next virtual ETC event will be June 10, 2021 from 10:00am-11:30am. 

If you missed our November 12, 2020 ETC event, you can listen to the recording here Our discussion included: 

  • COVID Impacts on Commuting and Return To Workplace Survey results 
  • Brief updates from our local and state transportation partners 
  • Breakout group discussions on working remotely experiences, policies & lessons learned  
  • Advancing or enhancing your telework policy with CATMA’s Telework Program 
  • Announcements & Virtual Professional Networking  

We’ll be hosting a mid-winter and/or spring event.  Stay tuned.  For more information, contact [email protected].  

Network Benefits

  • Learn about the role and value of TDM solutions and how they can benefit your organization and employees
  • Collaborate with other local business leaders to optimize TDM impacts
  • Build connections and professional relationships
  • Access transportation resources, tools, and information
  • Enhance your business image
  • Share your transportation ideas, concerns and best practices
  • Participate in webinars and Network meetings

Role & Responsibilities

The Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) is the on-site resource who is committed to creating, managing, and promoting commuter transportation benefits programs. ETC’s can provide colleagues with information on transportation and help promote sustainable and affordable transportation options.  ETC’s can also collaborate with other ETCs around Chittenden County to share insights and identify collaborative opportunities.

Who Is Right for the Job?

The staff person at your site who takes on the ETC role should be enthusiastic and interested in promoting transportation options at your workplace. This could be someone who is already involved in transportation, or in human resources, sustainability, or wellness departments. Typically, the ETC responsibilities are not a full-time job, and the tasks can simply be added to their job description.

Support & Training

CATMA is reworking our ETC Commuter Guide stay tuned.

Check out the Commuter section of our website for information on local transportation services for commuters.

CATMA will provide an initial consultation and guidance to get your ETC started. They will be invited to participate in opportunities designed to provide education, information, recognition, and an opportunity to connect with all county ETCs.

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