Guaranteed Ride Home

Never be stranded in an emergency…We’ll get you home!

Have you ever wondered how you might get home in an emergency on a day you took the bus to work, or carpooled, biked or walked?

No worries… CATMA will get you home with our Guaranteed Ride Home program when you choose to get to work without your car.  This convenient program gives you a FREE Green Cab VT* taxi ride home.  

*If Green Cab is unavailable to provide a ride in the case of your emergency and you choose to make other arrangements with another local cab company or Lyft/Uber, you may request reimbursement from CATMA by providing us with the receipt and reason for the emergency ride home. Email this information to [email protected]

Who is eligible

Employees at CATMA’s member employers who use an alternate mode of transportation (carpool, including riding with a family member, vanpool, bike, walk or take the bus) on a regular basis at least two days a week. 

How do I enroll

Simply create an account Then, we’ll get you a CATMA ID number. 

How does it work

It’s simple! Once you’ve got your CATMA ID number, here’s how to get a ride home:

  • Call Green Cab VT: 802-864-2424, when prompted pick option #6.
  • Tell them you’re a CATMA member and give them your CATMA ID number (found on your user profile).
  • Give them your pick-up and drop-off locations, name, and phone number.
  • Show driver valid ID (can be work ID, personal ID or CATMA ID Card).

Remember, this can be used when an emergency arises on a day that you use an alternate commute mode to work and you need to get home.  This program will pay for your cab fare home. There are restictions on the number of times this program can be used annually, please contact CATMA for this information. You are responsible for any tip you wish to provide. Please make sure you have read and understand the guidelines of the GRH Program. Improper use of this service may result in CATMA billing you for the transportation expenses incurred and restrict you from using this program down the road.

What are valid emergencies?

Request a printed card

All you need to show the Green Cab driver is any ID. You can tell them your CATMA ID number. If you’d like a card with your number on it, send us an message and we’ll get it over to you. 

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