Teleworking During COVID-19

Tips for Employees/Commuters

  • Communication: Combat feelings of isolation by leveraging communication tools to connect with your manager and teammates. Use existing technologies to chat, email, and video conference often.
  • Schedules: Establishing a consistent routine is key. Employees should maintain regular work periods. Share progress updates internally to increase productivity and complete work on time.
  • Stay Active: Be sure to incorporate a home workout or walk around the block into your day.
  • Change Your Environment: A change of environment within your home workspace can keep you energized and productive throughout the day. Move to a different desk or play music you might hear in your company lobby or in the elevator.
  • Plan, But Be Flexible: If schools and businesses close and you are not alone in your house, plan to take shifts for childcare and adjust your work schedule as needed. Setting clear expectations for work and home will be important.

Tips for Employers

CATMA developed a Telework Program Guide to help facilitate your internal discussions relative to telework policies and practices. This Guide offers a simple step-by-step format that will help develop, implement, and manage a telework program at your workplace. Learn more about the guide and support here

  • Tips for Employers Keep It Going: Continuing to allow employees to work from home is the single best action to reduce the risk of exposure and continue business operations.
  • Invest in Technology: Support employees continuing to work from home with the tools and equipment that enable them to succeed, including collaboration software that fosters employee interaction.
  • Establish Formal Policies: Developing clear telework policies for employees and managers is essential for all organizations to ensure long-term success. Policies should clarify which employees are eligible, set expectations for communications and accountability, and outline expectations regarding access and security.
  • Troubleshoot: Identify problematic areas that can cripple work productivity in a telework environment and assemble a team to assist with resolution. Establishing guidelines for a troubleshooting process should be a focus when developing telework policies for an organization.
  • Focus on Results: Managers should establish clear expectations for employees and encourage team collaboration.

This guidance is complied from resources developed by The Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) and CDC to inform employers, commuters, and communities on how we can all get back to the workplace safely and efficiently.