2020 Telework Resources

With the rapid change in employees working from home due to the Coronavirus, CATMA is here to help employees and employers in reevaluating, developing or implement telework policies and programs. Please contact our Program and Marketing Manager, Katie Martin at [email protected].

In partnership with the Upper Valley Transportation Management Association, we compiled a website of remote working in Vermont Best Practices for Employers & Employees. In addition, CATMA is compiling a comprehensive telework resource for workplaces, including a step by step guide, telework assessment and policy assistance. More COVID-19 Business Resources here

Please check out Best Practices for Video Meetings and Conferences, as an additional resource developed by Vermont TMAs.


Working from home one day a week may be a cost-effective option for some employees.  Telecommuting can offer you a flexible schedule, increase productivity and enable you to achieve a work-life balance.

Benefits of telecommuting

  • saves time and money
  • reduces environmental impact
  • promotes healthy lifesytle
  • reduces traffic congestion
  • increases productivity

Does your employer have a policy

Some employers offer telecommute or telework options for eligible positions. We recommend you reach out to your Human Resources department and or direct manager to ask about telecommuting and their policies. Contact CATMA if you need additional assistance.

Resources for determing best practices

Toolkit to Telecommuting


Managing Teleworkers

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