Give yourself the opportunity to look up and see the beauty all around you, walk to work! Walking is an extremely cost effective way to commute and an easy way to get in some excersise.

Benefits of walking

  • saves money
  • saves time
  • improves the enviroment
  • promotes healthy lifesytle
  • reduces traffic congestion
  • strengthens communities and quality of life

Resources for walking

Plan your commute
CATMA provides education and resources for those who choose to walk. Local Motion provides a great resource called Trail Finder. Google Transit is also a great way to plan your walk commute.

Walk Safety
Winter walking Tips
Local Motion provides a great safe streets guide and gear coupon

Showers & Lockers
Check with your employer about access to showers and lockers at your worksite or contact us and we’ll help get you there.
CATMA can provide Members with information and resources.

Walking Gear
The Walking Site
Visit our friends a Skirack, Outdoor Gear Exchange, NorthStar and Earls Cyclery & Fitness for bikes and commuter equirment.

Go! Stations
Located in Burlington and Winooski, Go! Stations, bring together transit, carsharing and secure, keyless bike parking in one covenient location. Make your trips by bus, bike, foot and carshare even easier, check out a Go! Station near you!

Walking Routes
Here is a great resource for walking routes around UVM Medical Center and the University of Vermont, Walking Routes Map


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