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Park & Ride

Park & Ride

Park & Rides provide a safe, visible site to park a car so you can hop on the bus or meet up with your carpool buddies.  It’s a great way to switch up your commute, save a ton of money and enjoy hassle free travel.

Why Park & Ride?

Vermont State Park & Ride Facilities

For more information about accessible facilities, check out Find the most convenient park and ride near you with this interactive map provided by VTrans.

We’ve highlighted a few Park & Ride lots with Bus connectivity

  • CHARLOTTE: Steve’s CITGO CCTA Park & Ride — On Route 7 at the intersection of Route 7 and Ferry Road (CCTA Middlebury LINK Express Stop)
  • COLCHESTER: Exit 17 off I-89 on Rte. 7 three tenths of a mile north of the junction of Rte. 2 at the site of VTrans Maintenance facility (CCTA Milton Commuter Stop)
  • ESSEX: At the intersection of VT 15 & VT 128 at the site of the town green (CCTA Local Route Stop)
  • FERRISBURG/VERGENNES: On Route 22A at the intersection of Route 7 and 22A (CCTA Middlebury LINK Express Stop)
  • GEORGIA: Exit 18 off I-89 on Skunk Hill Road off Rte. 7 (CCTA St. Albans LINK Express Stop)
  • HINESBURG: on Charlotte Road at the site of the Town offices (CCTA 116 Commuter Stop)
  • JERICHO/UNDERHILL: Underhill Flats/ Rte. 15 at Dickinson St (CCTA Jeffersonville Commuter Stop)
  • MONTPELIER: Exit 8 off I-89 on Dog River Road off Montpelier State Hwy north of exit 8 (CCTA Montpelier LINK Express Stop)
  • RICHMOND: Exit 11 off I-89 on Rte. 2 (CCTA Montpelier LINK Express Stop)
  • ST. ALBANS: Exit 19 off I-89 on Rte. 104 at junction of Rte. 36 (CCTA St. Albans LINK Express Stop)
  • WATERBURY: Exit 10 off I-89 off Rte 100 northeast of exit 10 on Lincoln St. off Stowe St (CCTA Montpelier LINK Express Stop)

Additional Park & Ride Intercept Lots

125 Lakeside Avenue LOT (Burlington)
CATMA independently manages park and ride facilities for members. If you are a CATMA member and are looking for more information on the Lakeside Avenue LOT, check out Off-Site Parking.

What You Need to Know…

  • All Vermont State Park-and-Ride Facilities are free and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (except for the Rutland Parking Garage).
  • There are no time limits on parking in Vermont State Park-and-Ride Facilities.
  • Please help to keep our Park-and-Ride Facilities clean by not littering.
  • There is a $500.00 fine for throwing trash on highways and Streams. Overnight Camping, Abandoned Vehicles, and Commercial Enterprise are prohibited in all Vermont State Park-and-Ride Facilities.
  • Please note that Municipality owned and maintained facilities may have different hours of operation and regulations than the Vermont State owned and maintained facilities.
  • Please contact the Municipalities directly for information pertaining to their Park-and-Ride Facilities.
  • Vandalism and break-ins, though uncommon, can and do occur occasionally. Please do not leave valuables in your vehicle, or at least store them out of plain view. If parking over-night or long-term, attempt to park as close to a light as possible.