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CATMA’s Transportation Coordinator (TC) network represents a diverse group of organizations in Chittenden County working together to improve travel options and accessibility. The network is free to any business, municipality or developer in Chittenden County.

Learn about how transportation demand management (TDM) strategies can make your organization more competitive and efficient while helping to improve the sustainability of our community and environment!

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Role & Responsibilities

The Transportation Coordinator (TC) is the on-site resource who is committed to creating, managing, and promoting commuter transportation benefits programs. TC’s can provide colleagues with information on transportation and help promote sustainable and affordable transportation options. TC’s can also collaborate with other TCs around Chittenden County to share insights and identify collaborative opportunities.

Who Is Right for the Job?

The staff person at your site who takes on the TC role should be enthusiastic and interested in promoting transportation options at your workplace. This could be someone who is already involved in transportation, facilities, or human resources, sustainability, or wellness departments. Typically, the TC responsibilities are not a full-time job, and the tasks can simply be added to their job description.

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