CarShare Vermont members Carsharing can save you money and help reduce the number of vehicles you need to own and maintain. It’s a low-stress, affordable alternative to owning a car (or a second or third vehicle).

CarShare Vermont

CarShare Vermont is our local carsharing service provider. CarShare Vermont is a convenient and easy way to access a car (or truck) whenever you need to drive—by the hour or day.

Individual Membership

If you can commute to work without a car but occasionally need one during the day to get to meetings, run errands or get to an appointment, CarShare Vermont is a perfect solution. Check out their individual membership options here.

Business Membership

If your employees have regular travel needs, consider setting up a business membership with CarShare Vermont. CarShare Vermont is often cheaper than reimbursing for mileage or renting cars. Small nonprofits, large companies, government agencies, and institutions alike rely on CarShare Vermont to help meet their work travel needs, encourage alternative commuting, manage parking, and save money. Check out their business membership options here.

Resources for Carsharing

Be Car Conscious
Do you know what you spend to own your vehicle? Many people don’t. Visit to try CarShare Vermont’s cost calculator that can help you understand the true cost to own.

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